West Valley AZ

Chapter Leader: Jon Whipple

West Valley AZ Bratish Open 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 7:30am
Registration Closes July 14, 2017

Dylan Robison
Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
stuart Porter
Longest Drive
Greg Houston
Closest To Pin
Average Johnson
Key to the Red Tee
stuart Porter
Event Results
1.Dylan Robison88$1.26
2.Alex Johnson91$0.77
2.Ted Williams91$0.77
4.Erik "The Chef" Angelo92$0.60
4.Gary Williams92$0.60
6.Greg Houston93$0.49
7.Steve Nay97$0.39
7.Average Johnson97$0.39
9.Royce Eggli101$0.28
10.craig price106$0.21
11.Big Boy Diablo Valichnac108$0.14
12.Derek Williams109$0.07
13.Jorden Serfass110$0.06
13.Chris Loera110$0.06
15.Tomas Stevens111$0.04
16.stuart Porter112$0.02
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Copper Canyon Ranks as One of the best in the country #40 ON GOLF ADVISOR'S TOP 50 COURSES IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2015 The reviews are in and copper canyon comes in at #2 GOLF ADVISOR'S TOP 25 COURSES IN ARIZONA 2014 What's all that mean? Yep more golf balls, and it might kick us in the head!! But like the great Arnold Palmer said "golf wasn't meant to be easy". That means practice some you hacks! Yeah me too! Should be a great event and again another awesome bar and grill to hang out in afterwards. I'm telling you guys we have hooked up with some great venues this year and there are so many more for us to explore in the seasons to come! Who wants those shiny silver jugs!!!



Group 1 - 7:30AM
  • 1. stuart Porter
  • 2. Steve Nay
  • 3. Erik "The Chef" Angelo
  • 4. Royce Eggli
Group 2 - 7:38AM
  • 1. craig price
  • 2. Alex Johnson
  • 3. Tomas Stevens
  • 4. Chris Loera
Group 3 - 7:46AM
  • 1. Dylan Robison
  • 2. Jorden Serfass
  • 3. Average Johnson
  • 4. Big Boy Diablo Valichnac
Group 4 - 7:54AM
  • 1. Greg Houston
  • 2. Derek Williams
  • 3. Gary Williams
  • 4. Ted Williams
Group 5 - 8:02AM

0 Crappy Players Registered