West Valley AZ

Chapter Leader: Jon Whipple

West Valley AZ The Last Gasp 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 8:00am
Registration Closes September 28, 2018

Most Mediocre
David Cooper
Biggest Meltdown
David CooperRandy Hubbs
Longest Drive
Rick Northcott
Closest To Pin
Andrew Wright
Gross Award
Chris Loera
Key to the Red Tee
Rich Korona
Event Results
1.Rick Northcott87$1.12
2.James Davidson88$0.74
3.Ted Williams89$0.62
4.Andrew Wright90$0.56
5.Steve Weaver91$0.47
5.Erik "The Chef" Angelo91$0.47
7.Greg Houston92$0.37
8.Jon Whipple93$0.31
9.David Cooper94$0.22
9.Randy Hubbs94$0.22
11.Brian Vacha97$0.12
12.Gary Williams100$0.06
13.Ramon *EL LOCO* Mendoza106$0.06
14.Brandon Schildts 107$0.04
14.Neil Soileau107$0.04
16.Derek Williams120$0.02
17.Rich Korona124$0.00
18.Chris LoeraDQ$0.00
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  • Trophy
The last chance to win, get into the top ten on the money list, or even take the title for the money list for the season!! This is a great course, seems easy but its a tough little bastard!!! This will set the tune on where you play when you go to Vegas as well!!! Which I am already counting on at least ten guys doing Vegas this year!!!



Group 1 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Erik "The Chef" Angelo
  • 2. Greg Houston
Group 2 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Gary Williams
  • 2. Steve Weaver
  • 3. David Cooper
  • 4. Brian Vacha
Group 3 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Ted Williams
  • 2. Randy Hubbs
  • 3. Brandon Schildts
  • 4. Derek Williams
Group 4 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Jon Whipple
  • 2. Rich Korona
  • 3. Chris Loera
  • 4. Ramon *EL LOCO* Mendoza
Group 5 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Andrew Wright
  • 2. James Davidson
  • 3. Rick Northcott
  • 4. Neil Soileau

0 Crappy Players Registered