West Valley AZ

Chapter Leader: Jon Whipple

West Valley AZ Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 7:30am
Registration Closes March 27, 2017

Chris Loera
Most Mediocre
Jeffrey Harris
Biggest Meltdown
Royce Eggli
Longest Drive
Erik "The Chef" Angelo
Closest To Pin
Tomas Stevens
Key to the Red Tee
stuart Porter
Event Results
1.Chris Loera92$0.70
2.Erik "The Chef" Angelo88$0.47
3.Andrew Wright90$0.37
3.Tomas Stevens90$0.37
5.Greg Houston91$0.31
6.Dylan Robison92$0.27
7.Average Johnson96$0.23
8.Jeffrey Harris100$0.19
9.Royce Eggli102$0.16
10.stuart Porter107$0.12
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  • Trophy
Hey Medios it happened, we are a chapter!! So all you west valley slugs get out those sticks and dust them off, from the mud and dirt you've been playing from, and lets get this first event into the books! i know Ken "I go left" Johnson is looking to try and claim our first seasons money title, well ok he has dreams of this!! Your chapter leader may show up in the pink skirt again for the AM-AM like last year, hey the breeze felt so good!! Lets get more people signed up with our chapter and get this season rocking!! The price will include cart, range balls, lunch and a drink that day!! IF YOU CAN PLEASE TRY TO MATCH YOUR PLAYING PARTNERS COLORS OR ATTIRE!



Group 1 - 7:30AM
  • 1. Andrew Wright
  • 2. Greg Houston
  • 3. Jeffrey Harris
Group 2 - 7:38AM
  • 1. Dylan Robison
  • 2. Royce Eggli
  • 3. stuart Porter
  • 4. Tomas Stevens
Group 3 - 7:46AM
  • 1. Erik "The Chef" Angelo
  • 2. Average Johnson

0 Crappy Players Registered

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