MGA Fantasy

The MGA is full of players living a fantasy. They raise big checks over their heads, fight for supremecy on the "Money" List and get to read about themselves in the media. We here at MGA World Headquarters felt one layer of fantasy wasn't enough though, so we've added another with the MGA Fantasy League.

We can't all be a Zambrano, Benoit or Giosso, but at least now we can have them on our team.


Here's how it works:

Sign up for a Top Medio membership.

Manage your team in your "Clubhouse".

Select six medios to make up your team for the year and watch with bated breath as they frustrate the hell out of you by underperforming all season!


The winner of the Fantasy League is the player who has the most fantasy points after the World Championship. Fantasy points are calculated as follows:

First, we take any money won by your team and multiply that by 100 to get a whole number.  Then we add in bonus points, which are awarded if your players have any 1st (50 bonus points for each), 2nd (30) or 3rd (10) place finishes during the season. Simple right?



First Place - Two-year Top Medio membership ($120 value)
Second Place - One-year Top Medio membership ($60 value)
Third Place - One-year Basic membership ($40 value)


Sign up here for a Top Medio plan to get in on the action