The fantasy points formula is: ("Money" won by your players x 100) + (bonus points earned by your players). Bonus points are given for each 1st (50 points), 2nd (30 points) and 3rd (10 points) place finish recorded by your players.

REMINDER: Rebel Beach Am-Am results are not used in the Fantasy League. Therefore some of your players may show one less "event played" than normal when viewed on any Fantasy-related page.

Fantasy Records
#NameTotal "Money"Fantasy Points
1.AJ Hicks$0.000
2.Josh Sanchez$0.000
4.Christopher Kirksey$0.000
5.Joe Faulstick$0.000
6.Bob Mooney$0.000
7.Josh Ramsey$0.000
8.Hal Conklin$0.000
9.John Gauthier$0.000
10.Hunter Mihailoff$0.000
11.Greg Kent$0.000
12.Justin Paul$0.000
13.Rob Koth$0.000
14.Scott Everhart$0.000
15.Charles Markillie$0.000
16.Vail Raymer$0.000
17.Jon Whipple$0.000
18.Andrew Mixon$0.000
19.TJ Bolser$0.000
20.Jeremy Mathis$0.000
21.Ronald Reitz$0.000
22.Tysen McKinney$0.000