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2 DQs?!? What is this, the Tour?!?!?

Not 1. But 2! Count 'em 2! DQs!!! 

Well let's just call a spade a spade. Pleasanton MGA made Metro its subservant on Sunday, August 4. Never has a course been so dominated by one MGA Chapter like Metro without wind. 

With that said. Here are the results. Leaders for the Gross Award that need to bug out of this league are Alex Bowman (75...aka 3 over par) and Mike Shimabukuro (78...aka 6 over par). By virtue of this, they are DQ'd and have to go to the bottom of the pack. Does this mean Mike gets to play from the red tees? Because he did come in last of the DQ'd group...

Tyler Marshall decided to hold onto his title and gets to play from the black tees in his next tournament.  That guy decided not to get DQ'd from the blues and shot an even 80 for a net 88.  Larry Morgan comes in second with his net 89, followed by Buff Tahoe's and Joe Pag's 90s,and Ian Clark and Brad Byrns rounding out the top 5 with 92s. Larry also takes home his first long drive trophy by virtue of hitting the fairway. We hear this helps your cause for this award.  Brad Byrns snagged the closest to the pin for his first award that this writer can remember.  

Just like last tournament, the man that gets the most skins had to deal with a lot of pushes....Tyler Marshall decided to clean up with 11, followed by Joe and Josh with 6 each, RB with 5 and several other 1 or 2 skin grabbers. Better luck next month!


Event Results

1.Tyler Marshall88$1.71
2.Larry Morgan89$1.14
3.Joe Pagliocca90$0.90
3.Buff Tahoe90$0.90
5.ian clark92$0.71
5.Brad Byrns 92$0.71
7.Bob LeClair93$0.52
7.Billy Ortiz93$0.52
9.RB Rossi94$0.38
10.Rob Nguyen95$0.19
10.Mark Kelleher95$0.19
10.Michael Drews95$0.19
13.Trae MacDonald98$0.09
14.Bobby Porter101$0.07
15.Josh Vining104$0.05
16.MICHAEL SALK110$0.03
17.Rick Lupo112$0.00
18.Bill Bailey125$0.00
20.Alex BowmanDQ$0.00
20.Mike ShimabukuroDQ$0.00

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Panel Of Experts (2)


We welcomed Rob Nguyen from the mother of all MGA chapters. SF, with open arms. And despite 50 or so Bro insults from Kelleher he managed to stay calm. Cool dude & I'd play with him anytime but not in a gay way !!. My long drive was fucking legit so don't give me that in the fairway bullshit. That fairway is as wide as Pam Andersons vagina so if you couldn't hit it then you have bigger problems than golf right boys ?For you 2 DQ'ers. Hats off. Knowing your not going to vegas and winning any skins which takes some god damn secret hand shake you might as well grip it and rip it. It was for sure a different golf course without the usual wind and some of us were wondering why Tillden was the bratish and a links course like Metro was the Fore skin but after few beers we chalked it up to medicore planning at best and moved on the 3 putt from 5 feet.