Chapter News

2 Tourneys 1 Article

First year in the books! Wouldn’t be Mediocre if I didn’t forget the last article so now I have to do a two for one deal!

First, we have the Douchebag Invitational where we crowned the biggest Douche of them all Jake "The Snake" Switala. Along with being king Douchebag he won the gross award as well!


From first place to last, we have Drew Speaker for his one and only tournament for the year! Earned himself the red key. If Kid Rock was a member of our Chapter, he would have one the red key with a solid 123!


Steve earned the Meltdown award, where myself earned the Most Mediocre and Long Drive (Not long at all about 200, helps when you hit the fairway!!) Matt not in photo earned himself Closest to the pin.


Next, we have The Last Gasp! I’ll start things of with Mr. DQ, which by the way is our 2nd person to DQ in our Inaugural season. He shot a 77 with the most amazing chip I have seen in person (See Cover Photo) video here


Ole Dbag Grimes graced us with his presence and took home the Closest to the pin and the Long Drive (was not long at all...), Brock and Drew if they could hit a fairway would have destroyed him by about 40 yards. TJ takes home the Red key and the Meltdown award, when he returns next year he will have an advantage in the first tourney for sure. Finally, we get to Brock, this man has DQ'd a few times this year, but not this time. He did shoot a gross 89 but ended up tying Shawn with a 95 Net. They both take home the Most Mediocre award.

Our last winner of the year Matt Wirick Jr. shot his best round of the year with an 88. He has the distinct honor of playing from the blues in our first tourney next year!

Honorable Mention who does not want a photo, well because he is a Dbag of course, Jake takes home the Money List Trophy!!!


Event Results

1.Matt Wirick Jr88$0.49
2.Tim Grimes94$0.33
3.Brock Chambers95$0.26
3.Shawn Murphy95$0.26
5.Jon Wallace98$0.22
6.Terry Wallace101$0.19
17.Andrew GutierrezDQ$0.00