Chapter News

2018 Am-Am

For those that left the course before the last two groups came in here is the results.  We had to call Campbell County search and rescue, scent hounds and a pizza delivery guy to find Jay Anderson, Glen Combs, Brian Witte and Matt Gross.  Don't worry they are still alive but real tired.   

It was nice to be back on the course with my fellow medios and great weather as it was 45 at tee-off and 32 at 2:30 am when the last group came in. With the event call off due to the golf course flooding then being moved to another course only to be pushed back fome a 2:00 tee time to a 3:30 and finaly ending up at a course to play a round of golf at 1:00 sorry for the moving around and around.  The team results are as follows Ed Neyman and "No Show due to time change" Dan Vogel-DQ
Brian Witte and MAtt Gross a very exhausting 241, ten strokes better Tom (long Drive) and Thom Hardy with 231, 6th place Rookie Jason Buchanan and Doug Imhoff with 225.  Starting now with the top 5, 5th place Glen Combs and team captain (close to the pin) Jay Anderson had 216, 4th Mike Theisen and Brian Benjey wtih 207, 3rd Ronnie Smith and 2016 NKY CHUMP i mean champ Matt Zerhusen with 197 may have made it closer if they both did not tie for the biggers meltdown award (not good for team score). Top two 2nd place father and son duo Dennis and Don Johnson with a 196 and AMERICA'S TEAM take the hardwear with a 177 Tim Hardy and little brother Tyler Hardy he looks up to Tim to help with his game.