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2018 Austin MGA Wrap up

2018 Saw the Austin MGA grow to 15 members and also have a competitive Money List as Willie Dills faced a rising field that featured three brand new winners. Ty Thomas, Kent Williams and CT Dalager all picked up wins to blank chapter leader Dills down the stretch. 

The season started with the Rebel Beach Am-Am and Dills was able to hold off a field of 7 Medios and two Thomas's to win the title by one stroke. Team Dills/Ty took home the hardware as well as impressed with their matching outfits as literally the only Medios to don matching apparel. 

The Bastards was played in tough conditions on Lion's Muni and saw the first playoff in Austin MGA history. Ty Thomas missed a short putt for 6 to grant Willie Dills his second title of the season and 4th Bastards victory of his storied career. Anyone who was there can attest, this was maybe the worst playoff on record as both "golfers" took over 4 storkes to get there from less than 100 out. Still, a breakout performance for Ty.

Willie Dills returned to form in the MGA andbested a field of 10 Medios. The largest in Austin MGA history for his second major of the year with a blistering 91 from the blues which also saddled the MGA co-founder with several penalty stroked going forward. 

Willie Dills outlasted Kent Williams on a hot day in mid-summer Texas heat to take home the FU Open and widen his money list lead. The weather may have been rough but even rougher was MGA stalwart Russell Roy's 113 earning him the key to the red tees for the next event.

The Brattish, the last major of the year, also saw Willie Dills stand a top the firled with a brilliant 85 featuring a momentum swinging chip in on 11. This proved to be the last time Dills was able to take the big check in 2018 however as the other Medios clearly began to use performance enhancing drugs for the last 3 events. Unfortunately after a thorough investigation it was discovered that while they were all guilty there was actually no official rule against this in the MGA.

Ty Thomas finally broke through at the FORE! Championship with a clutch 96 as Willie Dills tried to close down the back nine. Even as Dills continued to apply pressure Thomas made mar after mar to secure his first big check and a spot in MGA history. Kent Williams had the longest drive but also the largest score and took home the key to the red tee with a brilliant 118.

Despite ridiculous rainy conditions and several cancellations the Douche Bag Invitational did occur with 3 brave Medios enduring rain, hornet stings and the general shittiness of the Riverside GC to corwn Kent WIlliams as king of the Douches. His first ever win on the MGA tour after years of close calls, Kent was seen talking mad shit on Facebook for weeks after besting the record small Austin MGA field. 

Finally, the Austin MGA played the Last Gasp on greens that can only be described as sand traps as the season wrapped up on Roy Kizer. CT Dalager somehow found his stroke in the tough conditions to shoot a season low 81 and take home his first big check. All in all it was a fantastic way to end the season and this rising star is one to watch in 2019 if he can set his alarm on time.

The 2019 season begins March 30th at either Roy Kizer or Jimmy Clay depnding on availablity and field size so sign up today and let's start the new campaign right with a large group! Willie Dills will not be availabnle but Ty Thomas and Kent Williams will be on hand to run the event. Tee times and full info will be coming soon!