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2018 ends without incident.

Well medios, 2018 is in the books and we ended the year without being banned from any courses and zero police reports.  This is a standard that I would like to continue, nothing worse than having to wear a disguise to check in for a t-time.  I am putting the sticks away for the season and gearing up for the hunting and fishing seasons.  I recomend all of you find an indoor winter softball league to keep your swings in check.  The next update will be Jan/Feb, I plan to send out a survey of sorts to try and increse turnouts for events.  I was going to spend some time and write up some inpirational words as new chapter leader but decided I'd let someone else do it, heres a few words from this years money list champ, James Hickman.

What a year! Hated every minute of practicing, but told myself “don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Tiger Woods told us that winning solves everything, and look at what the he’s achieved while avoiding problems off the course. 
There are many things a man can do with his time. This league is better than those things. The wonderful hall of fame induction speeches reminded me that I enjoy looking forward to Saturdays all week and have fun regardless of leaderboard. Hope the contrast between my short and long game has been entertaining, particularly that wild ride with a flatstick inside 3 feet. Figures I find it for a week at the start and end but no where in between. 
Rod Nozzle, another great season with you leading. Strong finish with your time at a premium and an absent first mate. We’ve grown quickly during your tenure and seem poised for a strong showing next year. 
Mike, you’ll do great in the new role. Everyone, let’s identify a friend to join for the Am-Am and I’m sure they’ll be hooked after that. 
Yours in Mirdies,
James Hickman
2018 Madison Chapter Money List Champ
2018 Douchebag Invitational Champion
2018 The Bastards Champion
     2018 also Prevented Rod from a Bastards 3peat
2016 Last Gasp Champion
2016 Bratish Open Champion
Shot 80 with only 41 putts one time

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Well written. Rod