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2018 mga worlds

2018 mga world’s is in the bag ! We represented Vegas great . We came in 11th place out of 44 chapters ! Hell yah . We did so good that we already have 5 new members that want to join .  If your not playing MGA golf your kidding yourself . We not PGA golfers so what try to be . Were just your average joe’s enjoying golf the way it should be . Cold drink , cigar,music and a whole lot of laughter ! We don’t want to hear about your round you shot a 71 in because you know you didn’t . We wanna hear about the tree you hit out of or the cart girl you almost hit with your driver . We wanna be real . Lets face it ,, We suck but we suck well !  We here for the fun not the duel in the dessert like tiger vs Phil . Hell we couldn’t get anybody to pay to watch us but were ok with that because were medio’s . We enjoy the game more then anybody else . Like they say in some groups , I’m MGA and I’m proud . I’m 265 days mga and I’m good . So when 2019 rolls around , be ready to sign up yourself and your friends and yes i do shotgun starts ....

The best thing about the worlds mga is that we are real . We tell the truth and we have fun . We had so much fun all year long and it finished with the greatest finish you could ask for .  


Our best finisher was Scott Flanigan who came in 24th in the world . Atta boy Scott .

james Miyasato 45th, Heather Gorey 74th , Josh James 84th , Eric Lamont 95th , Scott Ferguson 101st ,Kevin Williams 105th, Bruce Morrel 110th place ,Ron Ruelos 114th  and Eric Callner at 134th place . Great job by everybody . Next year we kick ass and take no names ! 


This was one of Las Vegas MGA finest seasons . We had over 50 members and we had 100 times the fun as anybody else . Look out 2019 because we plan on making it even better . God help me because i barely made it thru 2018 now I’m promising more in 2019 ,,,, 

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Panel Of Experts (2)


great group you have there Eric! really enjoyed meeting most of you and playing day 2 with Kevin

Can’t wait for next year !! New ball marker