Chapter News

2018 in review, Las Vegas MGA

We had a incredible 2018 with the chapter growing to 50 medio’s !!  50 !!  That’s right i said 50 ! We have a lot of other chapters flapping there lips buy we have one of the largest chapters out there and we actually all like each other for the most part ! 

A big shout out to all that signed up and played this year ,, you guys and gals were great ! You make our Las Vegas chapter great ! I couldn’t have done this with out the help of others . A big shout out to Ron stoppable ,, he is my right hand man for sure ! I have the title but ron has the creative skills . Thanks ron . 

2019 is already shaping up to be a big year with lots of new people asking to join already !!  Hell yah 




join on up and lets make Las Vegas chapter Great again !  Start saving up your nickels and dimes because we want you to join us for the worlds in november in Las Vegas again !!  We want to show up strong . 


See everybody soon and thanks again for 2018 mga season 

I’m out ,,,,,,,