Chapter News

2018 - The Year of the Gunn; 2019 - ???

In Fort Myers 2018 was absolutely dominated by our Money Leader, Tim Gunn. 


How dominant was Gunn? How does 3 wins and another top 5 finish sound? We haven't seen anything close to that since we had some asshole who was almost in the single digit handicap range collecting a stack of giant checks in the trunk of his car. Hopefully we can get Tim to join us in Vegas this year, because I'm sure as shit not in any position to win out there.

And now after a brief respite we are ready to jump into 2019. In order to best take advantage of pricing at local courses, expect the season to start in April, and finish by October. The So Hot Invitational Tournament Show will be hosted in Tallahassee this year, so keep an eye out for an announcement as the date approaches.

Finally, we will be booking a preseason event in March. This will be a meet and greet, where medios will be asked to bring a prospective member as a guest.

Welcome back everyone, and we look forward to a kinda fun 2019.