Chapter News

2019 Las Vegas last gasp

Our 2019 winner of the last gasp is none other then Mr Anthony Foster ..  Anthony was highly recruited out of the backyards of Las Vegas golf courses ,, he even recruited more people to join in, that way when he won that big check ,, there would be more people to chant his name !!  Foster ! Foster !!  Foster !!!!  , i myself think that everybody was telling the waitress who to bring the check too !  Just saying .  It was a great final round of the 2019 Las Vegas MGA chapter . We ballooned up to 85 members and not a single member disappointed. What a great group . I didn’t know i had 85 people that liked me ? 

We had some crazy results out here ,, we crowned our chapter money winner as well as our last gasp winner . 

We gave away 3 free rounds to the Worlds Championships 

We got our team ready for the worlds ! Because we played at Reverer Golf course.

Event Results

1.Anthony Foster84$1.12
2.Ron Stoppable85$0.74
3.Josh James87$0.59
3.Jimmy Jones87$0.59
5.Bruce Morrill88$0.50
6.Ryan Jankowski89$0.43
7.Brian Sweeney91$0.37
8.Jerry Thompson92$0.25
8.Anthony Carrillo92$0.25
8.Clint Cartwright92$0.25
11.Scott Flanigan93$0.08
11.Scott Ferguson93$0.08
11.Eric Callner93$0.08
14.Jeff Matson94$0.04
14.Ronald Reitz94$0.04
16.Eric Hamilton 95$0.02
16.David Bakanas95$0.02
18.Dustin Burns97$0.00
19.Garth Meacham98$0.00
20.Michael Stuto99$0.00
21.Mike Davies100$0.00
22.Michael Phillips102$0.00
23.Marco Farrarons103$0.00
23.Kevin M Williams103$0.00
25.Romulo Roderiques108$0.00
26.Rich Young122$0.00
27.Aniolka Doremus130$0.00
28.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00