Chapter News

2019 schedule is set!

Well Mad-town Medios the schedule is set!  Unfortunelty we still have about 2 feet of snow on the ground but rain and warm temps are on the way!  

Hopefully with the full schedule out you can write all these dates on the calendar now and get them locked in.  This way when your wife says "hey, we're going to my cousins neighbors kids birthday party the second weekend in July"  you can say "sorry babe, F.U."  

I already have requests coming in for partners at The Rebel Beach Am-Am, keep them coming.  I sugest picking a partner you are not fond of so when you ruin their chances of winning you wont have to worry about talking to them the rest of the season.  

New this year, the Slug Factor!!!  We will get to rate our fellow medios on their pace of play after each event.  I love this because I was going to have uncomfortable conversations with a couple of you but things should work themselves out nicely now.  

Looking forward to seeing you all at The Oaks in April on 4/20.  Hopefully the spring thaw happens quick and we will be high and dry :) 


-2018 no trophy winner

-Future Previous Chapter Leader