Chapter News

The 2019 Season is almost here!!

The 2019 Mediocre Golf Season is upon us in Yellowknife. The Yellowknife Golf Club has opened the driving range and the course is scheduled to open Wednesday May 15. This is a little later than previous years due to a cold April with a good dump of snow.

New for 2019 are 2 PM tee times. We know that this may cause grief for some of you Medios, but we are working with the Yellowknife Golf Club to accommodate our steadily growing chapter and 2PM on Saturday or Sunday seems to be the way to do that. The Golf Club also has a contractor handling the Clubhouse and Beer Cart so we will work with them for food during the award ceremony. Due to the 2 PM start time, new Slug Index™ rating and our pace of play, we should be able to get into the clubhouse around 6:30.

Speaking of Slug Index™, this is a new rating system to anonymously rate other medios. Slug Index™ will help Moose put together pairings so that the rumours of our pace of play can be squashed. There are six categories that will help players pinpoint where they need to improve their pace.

More info can be found here

The Rebel Beach AM-AM takes place on May 26 at 2 PM. As a two person team, you’ll compete for the two-headed trophies, featuring one head focusing on a putt, while the other chugs a beer. The "money" prizes will still be awarded based on individual scoring in the tournament, so the overall winner will receive the big check. The last thing any medio wants to do is ruin a friend’s entire season, and perhaps their chance at the World Championship, with their terrible play.  If you have a friend that is wondering about the MGA and is wanting to try it out this is a great opportunity for them to play as a guest (guests are not eligible for the trophies or money list)

We didn’t write anything last year and will pull up our socks and put together a story per event. As always, feel free to text or email Moose or Hughie photos for each event to contribute to the articles

See you on the fairway!!