Chapter News

2019 season is open with a huge showing at the Rebel AM-AM

With a great showing of 40 golfers in Las Vegas Chapter the team of Mike Davies and Michael Stuto walked away with the coveted am-am trophy’s. Let it be known that both are newcomers to our chapter . Great job guys ( who let them join ? )  welcome aboard . We have great things planned for this years chapter so we need all the new guys to represent , we also need all the old guys to knock off the rust and start swinging some clubs better ... man you should see our scores !!  


Speaking of Old Guys ,,,, My man “ Ron Unstoppable “ was the big check winner in this weeks tournament! Old school rules !  Great job ron , check that off the bucket list ! 


The line up was fierce and many played well and others just down right sucked !  I’m talking about me !  I need to think of more excuses because i think i used all of mine up .

big thanks to everybody who showed up and for those of you who didn’t ,, you really missed out ! This was a blast . We were competing against nascar , vegas golden knights , ufc and the world ruby tournament here in town and we had a better draw then all of them ! ( not really ) The espn cameras where everywhere documenting the occasion. Look for the special airing sometime in the future on espn22 . 

All i can say is look out worlds ,, were loaded for bear ! 

#1 chapter in all the land is ready for all takers 

For all you who i didn’t get to post pictures of ,, you need to send me pics and you too will be famous ! 


Las Vegas MGA rules !!

Event Results

1.Ron Stoppable85$1.12
2.Mike Davies87$0.74
3.Scott Flanigan88$0.59
3.Eric Callner88$0.59
5.Bruce Morrill90$0.47
5.Josh James90$0.47
7.Michael Stuto91$0.37
8.Ryan Jankowski92$0.28
8.Garth Meacham92$0.28
10.Clint Cartwright93$0.16
10.Scott Ferguson93$0.16
12.Kevin Williams94$0.06
12.Jordan Jarvis94$0.06
14.Ronald Reitz95$0.04
14.Rob Melvin95$0.04
16.Terry Bartmus96$0.02
16.James Miyasato96$0.02
16.Steve Newey96$0.02
19.Anthony Foster97$0.00
19.James Sheldonpape97$0.00
19.Ej Larson97$0.00
22.Jerry Thompson98$0.00
23.Robert Shannon100$0.00
24.Jeremy Linford101$0.00
24.Jedd Snaid101$0.00
24.Anthony Stotko101$0.00
24.Dustin Lowe101$0.00
24.Eric Lamont101$0.00
24.Brian Eller101$0.00
30.Sharon Witt102$0.00
31.Joe Struck103$0.00
32.David Bakanas104$0.00
33.Robert Vallecillo105$0.00
33.Jimmy Jones105$0.00
35.Aaron Cross107$0.00
36.Alessandro Balzan113$0.00
36.Thomas Cross113$0.00
38.Rich Young114$0.00
39.Nathan Denny121$0.00
40.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00