Chapter News

2020 AMAM

The weather was glorious, the distancing - epic. The Oklahoma City Chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association Socially Distanced themselves through the first tournament of the season the Rebel Beach AM-AM...

After cancelling 2 times, then uncancelling and a last minute (1pm Saturday) venue change the AMAM went off wihtout a lot of fanfare since we were all practicing our social distancing skillz.  No presentations were made, no envelopes opened, but we did manage to collect all the cards and post the scores, likely with errors. 

Afer a lot of mathing, the Ol Bastard gave a clean tally sheet to get entered into the website, scores were entered and the results posted:

Winning the AMAM team event with 10 penalty stroke hit total of 174 was Michael Denham (91) and Scott Everhart(83); Scott will also recieve the Big Check to hang proudly with the others on his office wall.

The next tournament is scheduled for April 26th when we find out if James Lichliter can retain the Green Jacket ( If he is healed up by then ) 

Event Results

1.Scott Everhart83$1.12
2.Kelly Clark 87$0.74
3.Greg Chitsey88$0.59
3.Mario Cervantes 88$0.59
5.Derek Oswald89$0.47
5.Mark Eulberg89$0.47
7.Michael Denham91$0.34
7.Darren Ford91$0.34
9.Kris Morgan92$0.25
10.Lee Pearce93$0.16
10.Matt Tipton93$0.16
12.Jerry Baez94$0.06
13.Phil Everhart95$0.05
13.Sean Parks95$0.05
15.Michael Yannarell98$0.03
16.Steve Quick99$0.02
17.Jeremy Baxley102$0.00
18.Jason McDonald 103$0.00
19.Nick Munno104$0.00
20.Eddie Nance105$0.00
20.West Long105$0.00
20.Timothy Perry105$0.00
23.Jeff Simer109$0.00
24.Dillon Magness121$0.00
25.Scott Nelson124$0.00
27.Dean LymanDNF$0.00
27.Andy BerkyDNF$0.00