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The 2024 Bastards...

Hello Friends,


April…your arrival beckons the blooms of the lovely flowers, the rains that signal rebirth and the beginning of the golf season.  Our first major of the season was played on a glorious weather day that made you glad to be alive!  And what a tournament it was.


Many shots were played Sunday.  Many, many shots.  There were some bad ones in there and a few mediocre ones, too.  But all were sprayed with good intentions.  Our most prolific of the bunch, newest member Phillip, won the Red Key and led all of our merry gang in strokes.  We welcomed back Gene who emphatically announced his return with the most Mediocre Award.  John, always one to have a good time on the course, belched out the Biggest Meltdown.  Grant, who continues to showcase his amazing length out on the course, won Kinda Long while Matt placed his ball one foot from the hole and snagged the Kinda Close award.  


However, a tournament has to have a big winner.  And on Sunday, the biggest bastard of them all was Mike Parna!  He crushed the competition (much like Scottie Scheffler did in the other little tournament happening that day) with an impressive score of 85 to take the Gross Award and the Big Check.  We placed the coveted trucker hat on his head and snapped some photos of our latest and greatest champ.  Another April where we honored a tradition unlike any other.  


Yours Truly,

Tommy Seijo


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Panel Of Experts (1)


Had a great time. Was hitting my driver quite a bit further into the woods and I bet Grant might a have hiked a little further for some of his. Congratulations Mike. Can't wait to play with you Medios again.