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2024 Findlay MGA changes a coming!!!

This coming year will see some changes in the Findlay Mediocre Golf Assc. We will be getting a few sponsors this year and make things more interesting.

Former V.P. James Toler and a few of the southern guys have decided to form a Celina chapter. It will be closer to home for them. We wish them all the best and I will definitely be a guest in some of their tournaments!

With that being said, those that want to stay in Findlay and those that are still deciding to transfer/ stay, please know all are welcome in both. No hard feelings are there in either group. 

We are currently at 9 Findlay members, with 2 new guys, with 5 more commitments signing up soon.  Our first official event is February 25th from 4-6pm at the Links indoor golf on South end of Findlay. Please register soon as we are topped out at 16 guys!

New members and referrals from existing members will receive special recognition and prizes this year. The person that brings the most new members this year, gets a special prize at end of year Last Gasp event, there will also be prizes for attending all 8 Findlay MGA Named Events in 2024.

The schedule is posted for all of 2024 and 80% locked in. Please join to ensure best opportunities for us to secure the numbers we need for our tee times, call Jason Miller at 567 294 7795 with and thoughts or questions!!

Can't wait to hand out big checks, lil trophies and have another great year in the Findlay MGA!!

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