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2nd Tournament and another Slim Shady!

The Knoxville MGA played their second tournament of the year at Dead Horse golf course for the Rebel Beach AM-AM. Lets just get to hole #3 as this hole was a make it or break it hole for at least one per every foursome today. Mark started it off, and earned himself a solid 10! John Henley followed it up with a wimpy short lay up shot, then drops it in the water, to then repeat that at least two more times…..don’t know if he finished the hole, but earned himself a big ole 10!

Justin Paul is was looking to be a parking lot attendant as he hit his drive into the parking lot scoring himself a nice snowman on hole #1! From what I heard, Justin had a day and we were pretty lucky that clubs weren’t being thrown all of the place, he did however get a birdie on the day with a chip in from off the green!

Wasn’t all bad shots as the Kotrys group was making some birdies, well at least Mark was! Bowers did drain a 30 footer for a birdie on hole #6. Andrew Millett chipped in with an eagle from just off the green to earn himself some green, by winning the jackpot since nobody else eagled or the winner of the long drive and closest to the pin didn’t birdie the hole.

When it was all said and done…..Mark Kotrys came out on top of the leaderboard, by shooting a 80! Some say it was shady, some say it was legit!

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Event Results

1.Mark Kotrys85$1.12
2.Jason Pruitt86$0.74
3.Scott Norman88$0.62
4.Austin Putt89$0.56
5.Fred Tipton90$0.50
6.John Henley91$0.40
6.Jason Bowers91$0.40
8.Andrew Millett92$0.31
9.Eric New93$0.22
9.Sean Fay93$0.22
11.Rick Thompson94$0.12
12.Scott McCarty95$0.05
12.Garry Weaver 95$0.05
12.Bill Hickman95$0.05
15.Mark Love96$0.03
16.Korey Whitlock97$0.02
17.Dave Keener98$0.00
17.Patrick Stambaugh98$0.00
19.Brad Loveless 99$0.00
19.Mike Spooner99$0.00
19.Van Heflin99$0.00
22.Brandon Grooms102$0.00
22.Doug Lauderdale102$0.00
24.Misty Stout103$0.00
25.Bryan Franklin104$0.00
25.Daniel Tabor104$0.00
27.Gene Millett106$0.00
28.Brandon Wise107$0.00
29.Daniel Vass114$0.00
30.Justin Paul117$0.00
30.Charles Slay117$0.00
32.Brittany Chamberlain 120$0.00
33.David Ashburn124$0.00