Chapter News

3 Time Douchebag Champ & 3rd Win this year for Jenkins

In a make up weekend due to rain, Chapter Co Leader Todd Jenkins took the low gross and his 3rd Douchbag Invitational trophy.  This makes his 3rd win this year, and 9th win as a Mediocre tour player in 5 years.  More importanty for Jenkins - this gives him a clear path to a 3rd  legitimate shot at making the WORLD team to help the World defend the Medio Cup.  Jenkins was able to represent DFW back in 2014, and is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to go toe to toe with Rob Kristie all over again if fate may have it.

Tony Snow & Dan Sarget were able to secure second place with a 91 - with Tony winning closest to the pin.  Newcomer from Waco TX Jeremy Mathis seemed to have a good time and finished in the top 5!  Thanks for coming Jeremy - hope to see you next month.

Event Results

1.Todd Jenkins89$1.35
2.Tony Snow91$0.83
2.Dan Sargent91$0.83
4.Dale Williford94$0.68
5.Jeremy Mathis96$0.60
6.Geoff Scott97$0.53
7.Matthew Dorchak99$0.38
7.Dan Cantrell99$0.38
7.Chris Phillips99$0.38
10.Brian Berry100$0.23
11.Adam T.101$0.11
11.Brandon Alaniz101$0.11
13.Matt Landrum102$0.07
14.Andy Borman104$0.05
15.Lewis Higginbotham105$0.04
16.Donnie Jeffery108$0.02
17.Michael Rountree116$0.00
19.Allen BlakeDNF$0.00
19.Robert MartinezDNF$0.00