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80 works for Martins 1st Career Win!

On August 15th the Knoxville MGA played their 6th annual Fore Championship at Wild Laurel Golf Course.

Daniel Vass's day didn't start off very well as he hit his driver about as high and far as his pitching wedge, after three shots later he was finally in the fairway, which really at that point didn't matter as he settled for a 10. Brandon Wise tried to follow Daniels path, but instead of popping it up he topped his and it went about 15 yards. Brandon then walked up to it with his 3 wood and smoked it down the fairway, after that 3 wood shot, everything else went to pot! Michael Grider on the third hole earn himself his first career 10 (New to the League) I am sure there will be more in his career going forward. Hole #4 Shelly Henley almost hit the cart girl with her tee shot of the par 3 (I am guessing she wasn't liking what the cart girl was serving or she was out of Bud Light) Brandon Wise on Hole #7 was hitting his approach shot to the green and went a little right hitting the cart path bouncing in front of the foursome in front of him and landing on the 8th tee box.......told you game went to pot! Shelly Henley ended the front nine by showing the boys how it is done by making par on the hole......only one in the group to do so!

Did someone say "Shady 80"......... on nevermind that, as Martin Niezgoda took the championship home by shooting an 80 on the day. This was Martin's 1st MGA career title! He however didn't win the gross award......that honor went to Jason Bowers as he ended up DQing with a 77 on the day......Way to go....Way to go..... 7 penalty strokes going into Worlds! Go join the Tour!


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Event Results

1.Martin Niezgoda80$1.71
2.Spencer Orick81$1.14
3.Sean Fay84$0.95
4.John Henley85$0.81
4.Fred Tipton85$0.81
6.Eric New89$0.62
6.Justin Paul89$0.62
8.Bill Hickman91$0.48
9.Sanner Holmes92$0.29
9.Mark Love92$0.29
9.Kevin Ernsberger92$0.29
12.Van Heflin94$0.09
12.Joe Ontiveros94$0.09
14.Eric Beasley96$0.06
14.Brandon Wise96$0.06
16.Korey Whitlock97$0.03
16.Dave Keener97$0.03
18.Max Raterman98$0.00
19.Patrick Stambaugh101$0.00
20.Joseph Phillips103$0.00
21.David Ashburn107$0.00
22.Daniel Vass108$0.00
23.Brandon Grooms111$0.00
24.Shelly Henley121$0.00
25.Michael Grider126$0.00
26.Jason BowersDQ$0.00