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Ah The Bastards. The first major of the year, steeped in history and mediocre golfing

Ah The Bastards. The first major of the year, steeped in history and mediocre golfing

It was a cold and windy day with plenty of sunshine as 34 Medios took to the Yellowknife Golf Club.

A benefit of the new 2pm tee times has been the chance to have the temperature warm up. Last year's 8am tee time would have had us golfing at 5ºc (41ºF) but instead had us at a balmy 7ºc (45ºF). It's the little things, just add antifreeze (aka fireball)


Wind gusted throughout the round and that influenced the scores for most Medios. Pace of play was great, keep up the work!

2nd place Sheppy did in fact come 2nd place again, We crowned a new Bastard, John St. Louis who shot an 89 and picked up a penalty stroke in doing so. 


Our tradition of crowning Lady Bastards continued with Robin Mercer-Sproule becoming a 2 time Bastard, shooting a 101 to tie for 10th place overall. 

James McKay won the low gross with an 84, new Medio Darin Black won the long drive, KP went to Chris Flannagan, Biggest Meltdown Scott Reid, Key to the Red Tee Andrew Walsh and Most Mediocre was Kevin Hewitt.


Next tournament is the FORE! Champtionship which is becoming a midnight classic. Tee times start at 8pm and the weather forecast looks great if you can trust the crystal ball of the weatherman. With 52 Medios and currently 12 registered, it's a great time to get online and click that register button.


Event Results

1.John St. Louis89$1.26
2.Ryan Sheppard91$0.84
3.James McKay92$0.70
4.Chris Flannagan94$0.60
4.Kevin Hewitt94$0.60
6.Jason Langer95$0.46
6.Rick Savard95$0.46
8.Travis Garuik98$0.32
8.Daryl Snow 98$0.32
10.Robin Mercer-Sproule101$0.18
10.Hughie Graham101$0.18
12.John Martin Robson102$0.07
12.Dave Hurley102$0.07
14.Lucassie Morrison103$0.04
14.Darrell Koch103$0.04
16.Shannon Watson104$0.02
17.Ranald Matheson107$0.00
18.Pim Wangyao110$0.00
19.Derek Ladouceur111$0.00
19.michael gauvin111$0.00
21.Lloyd Whiteford112$0.00
21.Randy Langer112$0.00
23.Darin Black113$0.00
24.Thip Chanthalangsy115$0.00
24.Shaun "Moose" Morris 115$0.00
24.Mike Enns115$0.00
27.Scott Reid116$0.00
28.Paul Reddy119$0.00
29.Dean Harvey123$0.00
29.Rudolf Mouthaan123$0.00
31.Craig Letto128$0.00
32.Andrew Walsh148$0.00
34.Meredith WilsonDNF$0.00
34.Shaleen WoodwardDNF$0.00