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All good things must end!!

$3030 in Real Money winnings!! 8 tournaments, 7 different winners, 72 rounds played and 1296 holes of golf made up the San Diego MGA year!!

With a high turnout of 14 Medios and a low turnout of 5 Medios the SDMGA had a fun year. Hopefully all of the guest players will want in on some of the fun next year!!

A big congrats to Ken Wolff on his first win of the year, after 2 DQ's he finally crapped the bed shooting an 80 and with with 8 penalty strokes ended up with an 88 to take the win, we only wish that he was joining us in Vegas, he also won long drive, low net and and the meltdown award, have fun hiting balls off of the Lido deck on your cruise in November. Congrats to Jim Sherolck for taking the Chapter Money win, and the CTP for this tournament. It just goes to show that consistency is better than winning, he didn't win a single tournament, but made it to all but one tournament and he will forever be riding that big dollar bill!!

Can't wait until next year!! Jeff gets to start on the Red Tees.

A few pictures of our year!!

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Good Luck in Vegas! Hopefully we'll hook up again next year!