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All To Play For At SFMGA Finale

THE INTERNET, CA - With just over a month remaining until the MGAWC, the pressure is on for all those competing in the SFMGA's Last Gasp Championship on October 7th. Four medios are mathematically alive in the hunt for the SF Money Title, while everyone else will be looking to secure qualified status for Vegas or perhaps play their way into a coveted spot on the Medio Cup team.


Todd Benoit leads the way with $3.96 and is looking to close out a strong season and claim his incredible 6th money list title. It would however, be his first since 2017 and send a clear signal to the rest of the chapter and the MGA as a whole, that the GOAT isn't ready to head for the petting zoo just yet.

(Please forgive me, as I had to use generative AI to fill in the edges of some of these photos below.)

Scott Sanders comes in as Benoit's closest competitor in the standings, trailing by $0.50. Sanders is having a much better season than last year, showing an average improvement of 3.07 on the Most (UN)Improved stat page, good for second in that category behind Matt Chappette. Fittingly, no matter what happens on Saturday, Sanders will finish far higher up the list than his shocking 17th place finish on the 2022 SF Money List.

Mr. Good Golfer Rob Koth is 3rd on the list, but will need a lot of help to take the title. To overcome the $0.89 deficit to Benoit, Koth might even get serious enough to bring 5 or 6 clubs to this event, rather than his typical 4.

2012 World Champ Bobby G comes into the Last Gasp mathematically alive, but a distant $1.02 back from Benoit. With only $1.12 going to the winner, it will take a miracle the size of Team USA coming back from the Day 1 Ryder Cup trouncing for Giosso to win the title. Both seem unlikely...


Front of mind for all SFMGA players who are registered for the MGAWC is making the Medio Cup team. SF currently does not hold The Cup and every player would love to be a part of the team who can bring it home.

Finishing in the top 10 on the SFMGA money list guarantees a player their spot on the team. If they're outside the top 10 though, they're at the mercy of who is showing up ahead of them and who will get the two Captain's picks.

Here is where all the SF Medios registered for Vegas stand on the money list going into the Last Gasp.

# Name "Money"
1. Todd Benoit-Benoit (7) $3.96
2. scott sanders (7) $3.46
3. Rob Koth (7) $3.07
4. Bob G (7) $2.94
6. Matt Chapatte  (5) $2.72
7. Rob Kristie (7) $2.66
9. Matt Telles (5) $2.49
11. Willie Dills (7) $2.26
13. Justin Davidson (5) $1.54
14. Jon Morley (7) $1.53
15. Chris Jönsson (6) $1.38
17. Jason Cruz (4) $1.25
18. Robbie O (5) $1.19
19. David Armstrong (3) $0.89
24. Chris Hulihee (5) $0.31

Registration for the MGAWC closes October 10th, but why put it off if you know you're going? Register now at!

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