Chapter News

Andrew Mixon's Baby Bi's Flex On The Field To Win The F.U.

With a rare shotgun start, 37 Medios threw on their red, white and blue best to take on The Bridges Golf Club with its rolling scenery, fast greens and malodourous 18th hole that could throw off the most seasoned medio. With only three strokes separating the top five, Andrew Mixon’s 86 (80) was able to hold off James Mann (87), Brian Turchi (87), James Cannon (88), and Eric “Shanks” Watson (89), for his 3rd career win and 2nd win this season.   


Other notables are Jordan Seidl cementing his Most Mediocre award with a 13 on the 18th hole, putting the ball in the water 3 times, and then topping it off with a 4 putt. Meltdown award winner was Brad Viernow who came out with a blistering 50 on the front nine only to get smacked down with a 71 on the back nine.  Shawn Norfolk took the closest to the pin award and a fine bottle of Merica Whiskey. Scott Eichen shot a tidy 130 to take the Red Key, and finally Jason Watson took the Long Drive award and was gross.

Event Results

1.Andrew Mixon86$1.35
2.James Mann87$0.83
2.Brian Turchi87$0.83
4.James “Close, But No Cigar” Cannon88$0.68
5.Eric Watson89$0.60
6.Jeremy Ramey90$0.53
7.Greg Madrid91$0.41
7.Myke Prier91$0.41
9.Shawn Norfolk92$0.30
10.Jeremy Ishmael93$0.19
10.Scott Erb93$0.19
12.Lance Pownall95$0.08
13.Russell Litchfield96$0.05
13.Jason Haraputczyk 96$0.05
13.Alex Lopez96$0.05
13.daniel escamilla96$0.05
13.Dustin Douglas96$0.05
18.clay weems97$0.00
18.Jeremy Holley 97$0.00
20.Skee Leonard99$0.00
20.Justin Kropp99$0.00
22.Dan Wassem100$0.00
23.Gary Davis101$0.00
23.Clinton Purdy101$0.00
25.Patrick Wasson103$0.00
25.Matt Neville103$0.00
27.Jeff Aschenbrenner104$0.00
28.Jarred Griffin105$0.00
29.Justin Ishmael107$0.00
29.Jordon Seidl107$0.00
31.Drew Bohnert109$0.00
31.Bryan Peck109$0.00
33.Brad Viernow121$0.00
34.Steven Boyett128$0.00
35.Scott Eichen130$0.00
37.David CastilloDQ$0.00
37.Jason WatsonDQ$0.00