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Another Tie?! Another F'n Tie?!

LeClair Offends the Senses and ties Drews. Y'all Come Back Now get loud (for no reason??).  Bill Bailey is the Long Drive Champ?!?!?

It was a calm day at Poppy Ridge leading to some unusually low scores for the Pleasanton MGA. Even though the wind wasn’t really there, some members decided to make it a tough day by playing the wrong holes. 
Mark  pussy’s out in only his second tournament cause he “doesn’t want to walk on the fairways” but the truth is he wanted to go to the Giants vs Dodgers game. Giants lost so it was really a  waste of time (per Sr. Larry).  The Y’all Come Back gang gets the loudest on the course award. Heard from half a course away using fucking profanities. Probably fueled by Flashes fire ball express and copious amounts of other “adult beverages.”
We have our second ever tie (in as many tournaments this year too) for the win. Bob LeClair and Mike Drews tied for the win with Net 88s.  But more importantly, LeClair gets the most offensive Mediocre title for wearing his MGA Pleasanton logo shirt into the club house unfiltered and Poppy staff throw shade on Bob that they “are family oriented here” Bob blows them off , not literally, and proceeds to wear his freak flag proudly in public.
Morgan roars back from a 104 at windy city Am/Am to a gross 89 but fucks up 3 birdie putts to take 3rd by himself.  Alex Bowman took fourth with a 90, with Jeff Webster and Steve Flashberger tying for 5th with their 91s.
The Key to the Red Tee was returned to the long time holder, Bill Bailey. 
The closest to the pin was taken by Rick Lupo.
Long drive went to Bill Bailey?!!??...Just kidding. It took Bill several shots to reach Alex Bowman’s long drive.
Next event is Sunday, May 6th at Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore with the first tee time at 10:30 AM.

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Not to mention the TRANNY in the snack shack who hit on meeeeee.....! Talk about Freak Flag Ughhhhhhhhh

AND.....BTW - Did all Y'all know the Redwood City MGA chapter was in the groups ahead of us? Jus sayin

LeClair practicing his chipping skills to take the Fore trophy.

had we known we could have taken care of business like these guys