Chapter News

Archer finally hits the bullseye

After Three 2nd place finishes in his Rookie year, The Bridesmaid Mike Archer finally got hitched with his first Major victory at the FU Open.

Pain Train and Kerp have their highest finishes yet, cracking the Top 5 & Top 10 for the 1st time each respectively

And the Unthinkable happens... 

CANYON LAKE, CA- Two days later and it would've been 65 degrees... but we haven't been getting the breaks we got last year as just about everything about 2020 is raising two middle fingers to the collective us. But we also do kinda like to golf so 20 Medios (well 17 & 3 guests) took on the semi private Canyon Lake CC with carelessly unabashed enthusiasm. But with an aggressive sun baking many a unlotioned skin and turning gloved hands into the humidity and smell of a Dirty Mike and the Boys Soup Kitchen, some dreams were quickly laid to waste.

Ricky Dick However was not one of them... Ricky was playing TWO TEE BOXES UP after Back2Back Red Keys and took advantage of the 1200 yard advantage against the field to cash for the 2nd time already this season. He also claimed the Kinda Long Drive. But beyond that, some additional reported side action with him getting 20 strokes to boot netted him wins all around on the day. And he beat his Chapter Leader in Net Score for the first time ever in his 21st IEMGA tournament.       

His CL, Jstar, ya I won the Red Key for the 1st and Last time ever, with our chapters lowest Red Key winner score ever (111) ... I've already spilled the news weeks ago on Instagram @iemga as most of our news breaks there anyways so I'm not gonna pontificate much more on it. Im not gonna practice, overthink it or change anything, fluke round of total failure in all facets of the game. Usually the chipping is off, or the approach iron play takes its toll on the scorecard, even occasionally the 4waggle repeats itself, but this was all of that and then some. And with no alcohol to blame... wait that must be why.... Next round Cheers all around.  

So ya to our winner, Mikey put together a solid round with 2 Meagles on the front 9 and made the turn at an impressive 2 over par. Especially on a course where nearly everyone shot better on the back. Which is also probably why he won the Meltdown award with a meager seven stroke swing to go along with his Low Gross, Trophy, and Big Check. But when it was made known his buddy Johnny Daps broke a club on the course an additional honorary Meltdown award was given. To be honest there were a couple club throws witnessed... apparently some of us still have trouble fully accepting the MGA mantra of "Face it You (Kinda) Suck"... not pointing any other fingers except for the middle one...    

As mentioned, Chris Kerpan cracked the Top 10 for the 1st time, albeit in a small field, but that allowed his even 100 to take solo 9th and win him the Most Mediocre award. His playing partner Lyman "Pain Train" King lit up some stogies and caught fire on the back to finish in 2nd place. This round had to be even more meaningful because the last time he played Canyon Lake two years ago, he finished in dead last and openly pondered whether this whole MGA thing was for him. But he's kept coming back and it was really nice to see him be able to enact some revenge on the course that almost made him quit. Way to go dude!

Dr. Bob took his medicine from the MGA and played the Tips, but it didn't really slow him down all that much. His 88 (+5) was good enough for 3rd place on the day and has helped widen his lead in the season long Chapter Money List.

2019 Most Unimproved Tiger Garcia came in a 3way tie for 4th with a 94 and seems to be trending in the right direction heading into the biggest money tournaments of the season.

Rookie Bobby battled on the day but still snuck in the money with a check for .07 ...  but at least he looked good doing it.  

Event Results

1.Mike Archer87$1.35
2.Lyman King89$0.90
3.Brian Lopez93$0.75
4.Christopher Garcia94$0.60
4.John Dapsis 94$0.60
4.Ryan Davis94$0.60
7.Tim Minamyer96$0.45
8.Neil Ashworth98$0.38
9.Chris Kerpan 100$0.30
10.Jeff Olson101$0.19
12.Myles Frazier103$0.07
12.Robert Smith103$0.07
14.Markus Doll107$0.05
15.Brian Carson109$0.04
16.Richard Dunham110$0.02
17.Josh Olson111$0.00