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Atlanta's Christian Medina Wins MGA World Championship!

LAS VEGAS, NV - It took another playoff, but we officially have a new World Champion! Christian Medina -repping Atlanta MGA- tapped in for a mar at the end of a single playoff hole to defeat Reno MGA's Josh Philpott and win himself a fancy new Belt. The playoff video in all its high-def glory is at the bottom of the page.

-MGAWC Results-

The Born Hairy title was taken by Toldeo MGA's Colton Tankersley, with a dominant 3-stroke victory after going 86-86. Tankersley and 15 other medios are now locked into the MGAWC24 field!

-Born Hairy Results-

We had a hell of a good time and will continue to leak pictures and stories onto the internet the next few weeks. If you have some good video from the event, please make sure to upload it HERE so we can add it to the music video for Medios: The Song.

Thanks again to the volunteers, Chapter Leaders and all the medios who came out to MGAWC23!

El Presidente

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