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An auspiciousish start to the season. The two-man Bastards

Lockdown, stay-at-home, the decimation of the service industry and early moning "sorry can't make it" texts reduced the Bastards to a two-man affair at Black Mountain golf club. In keeping with the directives to prevent golfers from touching anything, there were no tee box markers so everyone got to pick their favorite place to tee off.  Black Mountain is doing a bit of work on the Worst Ditch in North Carolina and so two holes were being played from temporarty tees reducing the course to a par 69, so ignore the astoundingly great scores. 

In a fit of narcissism, George cleaned up, winning the event, kinda close and kinda long. The deadly par-6 17th hole ensured Robert took the meltdown.

Event Results

1.George Heard89$0.16
2.Robert Chesser106$0.11

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Good thing it wasn’t the AmAm ;)