Chapter News

Baltimore MGA inks deal with new sponsor… LuLaRoe!!!

With only one member finishing in the the top 50,
and a very mediocre ‘After Tenth Place’ finish in the
Chapters Cup, Baltimore was reeling from a wildly
unimpressive showing at the MGA Tour’s World
Championship in Las Vegas. Not that they didn’t
have a wild time in ‘Vegas, they did, but that’s a
different story…
In an effort to change things up for the 2019 season,
and because they didn’t have any other offers, the
Baltimore Chapter of the MGA accepted a
sponsorship from women’s clothing line LuLaRoe,
specifically local consultant, Dana Hedetniemi.
When asked about sponsoring a golf league, Dana
said it only made sense.
“My husband (Aaron) didn’t make it to ‘Vegas, and
this winter has been so very long. He had fallen into
a ‘golf-hole’. Frankly, the thought of there not being
a MGA season for 2019 to occupy him, was
terrifying! I had to get the man outta my house!”
The LuLaRoe brand is famous for its super soft
leggings, which is a perfect match for Baltimore’s
golf game…super soft.
As part of the arrangement, all ‘Red Key’ winners will
get the added ‘bonus’ of playing from the red tees, in
Chapter Leader, Garland Griswold, could not be
reached for comment, but it has been rumored that
he has been working really hard on his wedge-game
through the winter, to help reduce his chances of
winning the key…
Powder Garland, lots of powder. Helps with the
Aaron Hatemiami