Chapter News

Ban The Bratish

Oops, I may have forgot to write Champ in the headline. Since I have your attention now, pic your jaw up off the floor and at least finish this short read. 

After finishing fifth at the F.U.,  Tim "Three Putt" Ban put his big boy pants on held back Baker to win by a very narrow 1 stroke. Trailing by 2 strokes at the turn to Baker, Ban summoned his Mediocre super powers to crush a long drive and shave a few strokes off his front score for the "W".

Baker would have to settle for second yet again, always a bridesmaid never a bride brother. he would however walk away with some silver and gold for Closest and Mediocre.

Roger Higgins walked away with another Red Key. Not sure if there is a record for most keys, but this guy has got to be top #janitorstatus