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The Bastard is Back! - Mike Desio wins OC MGA The Bastards tournament!

The OC MGA 2018 The Bastards tournament is now in the books and once again the Biggest Bastard from last year Mike Desio has reigned supreme!   Brushing aside the swaths of new players the Orange County chapter has picked up in 2018 Mike was still able to bag the coveted Brown Jacket.  

One of the only players to Manage a score under 90 - Mike Desio was also able to bag the Mini trophy along with his Giant Check for the Gross Award.  Though Edgar "Bubba" Drake also received a mini trophy for the Gross award tieing Desio's score. Bubba has quite a few strokes that landed him back down in 5th place. 

Greg Valenzuela and Scott Johnson put a valiant effort both shooting a repectable 90 landing them in a dead heat for second place. New comer to the OC chapter Carl Swanstrom bags himself .63 cents for his hard work shooting a 92 and landing him squarely in 4th place.  After all of his Penalty strokes finally caught up to him Edgar Bubba Drake tied with Eric Frid with a 95 each earning a whopping .53 cents.  Always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride - Michael Masek landed himself in 7 place shooting a mediocre 97 and earning .42 cents in the process. John Reatiga and Fred Valenzuela tied for the 8th spot both shooting a 98 and earning .32 cents.  4 Players tied for the 10 spot all shooting a century beating 99 and for their mediocrity earned a measly .12 cents.

Out of the 30 Players that turned up for the Bastards tournament a staggering 17 shot 100+ - which means they get left out of the article....HAHAHA

For the Awards; 

Most Mediocre - Toby Olsen

Biggest Meltdown (Shared) - Ivan Hernandez and Aaron Cross

Longest Drive - Mike Masek - (Was he the only one to keep it on the fairway?)

Closest to the Pin: Scotty "Has a Big" Johnson

Gross Award: (Shared) Edgar Bubba Drake and Mike Desio

Key to the Red Tee - AKA Last Place - AKA Ladies First = Jamie Adams...............Again!





Event Results

1.Michael DeSio84$1.26
2.Greg Valenzuela90$0.77
2.scott johnson90$0.77
4.Carl Swanstrom92$0.63
5.Edgar ( Bubba ) Drake 95$0.53
5.Eric Frid95$0.53
7.Michael Masek97$0.42
8.Jonathan Reatiga98$0.32
8.Fred Valenzuela 98$0.32
10.Phillip Valenzuela99$0.12
10.Baron Peoples99$0.12
10.Todd Huber99$0.12
10.frankie flores99$0.12
14.Toby Olsen100$0.04
14.Jeffrey Goldsmith100$0.04
16.Will Orr102$0.02
16.James White102$0.02
18.John Woscek103$0.00
19.Scott Miller105$0.00
19.Tom Moore105$0.00
21.Aaron Cross109$0.00
22.John Mondi111$0.00
23.Claudio Lalli112$0.00
24.Ivan Hernandez113$0.00
25.Greg Sr. Valenzuela114$0.00
26.John Woods117$0.00
26.Travis Harold117$0.00
28.Charles Day121$0.00
29.Rikin Patel122$0.00
30.Jamie Adams124$0.00