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The Bastards, one to never remember
Some may say The Bastards Starts on the first 18 on Saturday, others probably wished they didnt go out until 2am the night before. The best part about day drinking and golf, you cant do it unless you start in the morning. That's what South Bay Did, 736 came quick for some, the smell of stake 40s and explosive Whiskey was in the air on the first tee box, but that didnt stop everyone from having a blast! Kyle long took the first place prize barely missing DQ by one stroke and not even knowing it. PGA Tour player Lam Nguyen shot his consecutive +3 again firing off on all cylinders! No one knows how hes doing it, but he is. Which earned him his 2nd DQ of the year. Devon "Coming in Hot" made some new friends with his loud mouth and high scores pulling in the biggest meltdown award. Ben Conroy lead the middle of the pack with the most mediocre 100. I'm wrapping this up, giving people their names in a cool article, see you next month at the MGA Championship, shits about to get real boys! Bring a couple dozen balls, you'll need it.