Chapter News


It started out as a quiet day at Jersey Meadow Golf Course. . . Then the medios showed up. You don't want to be around when they start drinking and ochoing all over the place, it gets a little dicey. 





The day was filled with bad shots, poor form, & absolute debauchery. Coleman took the title and low gross at the Bastards this year bringing his total victories to one. Kondret chimed in with most mediocre and Josh D had an utter meltdown on the back 9. Rodriguez smashed one down the middle (well off to the right actually and it hit a stick so it bounced back into the fairway, not sure it if counts but we let 'em have it to make him feel better) and claimed long drive as well as the coveted red key. James D, hitting from the tips, claimed nothing more than 3rd place even though he went out and bought new clubs and showed them off before the round. Lancaster took 2nd with the round of his life and we had two ties for the day. Browning and Jeremiah D fough for 5th while Simer and Johnson battled for 8th. 

No one, I repeat, no one. . . . . hit the green for closest to the pin. I don't mean to brag, but when it comes to being mediocre, H-Town MGA is kind of a big deal!!!


Event Results

1.Scott Coleman91$0.79
2.Mark Lancaster94$0.53
3.James Davidson97$0.44
4.Joshua Davidson99$0.39
5.Jeremiah Davidson102$0.33
5.Skyler Browning102$0.33
7.Thomas Kondret106$0.26
8.Jeff Simer115$0.20
8.Kelly Johnson115$0.20
10.David Rodriguez125$0.13