Chapter News

The Bastards 2020

Taylor MGA round 2 welcomes you to the Bastards. A new day and a new course for 19 medios playing their first major of the year in chase of the blue trucker hat. We had the 2015 Bastards Champ from our not so local Phoenix chapter, leader Miguel, joining in on the fun to show how it's done medio style. New members Casey and Anita joined in on the fun to watch Bret C hold off past champ Miguel for the blue trucker hat. In consisent fashion Papa Frank walked away dead middle of the group adding to his collection of most mediocre awards. Patrick is still reigning champ of the red key but had to much pride to use the first one earned. 

Event Results

1.Bret Culpepper84$1.26
2.Miguel Slowvick90$0.84
4.Keil Strommen94$0.60
4.Jake Cochran94$0.60
6.Will Rivera98$0.49
7.David Ontiveros101$0.42
8.Sean McKenna104$0.32
8.Frank Rivera104$0.32
10.Anita Riden107$0.21
11.Will Popovich108$0.14
12.Casey Lusk109$0.07
13.Russell Ward110$0.06
14.Shannon Rivera118$0.05
15.Kristalynn Hetrick126$0.04
16.Patrick Kennedy127$0.02
17.Kelsie Strommen134$0.00
18.Bethany McKenna136$0.00
19.Allison Ward138$0.00