Chapter News

The Bastards goes to Mr "I can't hit a driver"

Scott Gibson kept it under control and went low on the back 9 for his first victory in the MGA.  Great job on the back 9 and a winning score of 94.  Rumor has it he did hit the driver once or twice.  This victory required all the concentration and stamina Scott could manage due to the 6 hour round at the very backed up course.  Fortunately we weren't the culprits for the slowness.  I believe there were some More Mediocre golfers in front of us.


Tony Anthony missed by one stoke because he wasn't as low as Scott on the back 9 therefore his 95 was only good for second place.

Leonard Lopez (Lope) kept it fairly straight or as straight as you can and still shoot a 101 to finish third.  This is Lope's first year on tour and this is a strong showing in only his second tourney.

Dan Nelson rode all hiis penalty strokes to a 4th place finish with a 102.  Ouch Dan has higher expectations than that but hey, we all have THAT DAY.


Dan Kerrigan's 103 was good for 5th place. 

A score of 105 had Frank Kruth and Jeff DeMarco finishing in a tie for 6th place. 

8th place also finished in a tie.  Joe Gioffre, Paul Gumina and Chris Rosetti shot 107 to finish in the three way tie.

Jeff Petrelli finished alone in 9th stopping the run of ties.  His 108 was his alone.

Dennis Spicuza kept hitting the left side of the fairway for a 110 to finish in 12th place.  See what I did there Dennis?

Scott Hinsch stood tall in 13th place with a 111. 

Rick Hoffman struggled to a 116 and a 14th place finish.  Doesn't he look happy.

Richard Hoffman, Mike Bonacci and David Hooper finished in a tie for the final money spot.  Richard was able to get all the glory himself as Mike and Dave had to split after a long round.

A special shout out to Denise Lopez who became Pittsburgh's first female skill prize winner when she took closest to the pin.  Way to go Dee-Nice!!!!!!