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Battles at Top and Bottom of 2022 MGA Deliver the Drama

Hot on the heels of our last post here on the South O.C. Chapter page, we fast forward to 2022. Onward to this year’s 2nd major, The MGA Championship. As hot golf summer gets underway in the South O.C., many burning questions were answered on the hallowed grounds of one of Orange County’s most mediocre tracks, Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course.

Could defending 2021 MGA Champ Kyle Kaplan successfully defend his title? (No).  Could the 2022 Bastards Champ Joshua Soliz win his second major in a row and stay on track for the Grand Slam? (No). Could chapter money leader Quan Ha keep up his borderline-better-than-mediocre play since his return to the chapter post-injury hiatus? (Ugh, yes.). Last Sunday the field of 15 Medios showed up,  answered these questions, and more, posed new questions, answered those, got sick of questions, told me to STFU, and made statements with their mediocre play, with profuse profanity, and with little class. 

The 2022 South O.C. MGA Championship was a story of two very close battles. Starting with the grosser of the two, the win for Mr. Ha was as narrow as they come. Gross Award winner and solo 2nd Place finisher Joe Mancinelli actually TIED Quan Ha for the low score on the day, both medios shooting  lights out (for the MGA) 87s. Unfortunately for Joe, entering this tournament Quan was somehow penalty-stroke-free, and Mr. Chitnick Mancinelli was lugging 1 very heavy penalty stroke going into the day, netting him the 88 and a 1 shot loss. Should this outcome repeat itself at some future date however, a playoff will be required, as along with the big check and the gold chain drip, Quan also walks away from the 2022 MGA with a shiny new Penalty Stroke for his winning efforts. Does that soften the blow for Joe? I doubt it . . .

The other battle of the 2022 MGA belongs in the Mediocre Golf Association Hall of Fame. It was the most mediocre thing any medio has ever mediocre-d. After posting matching 112s on the day, Ryan Williams and Chris Jacobson were thrust into a putt-off for not-remotely-coveted last place and to take home the ideally-avoided Red Key. After what seemingly took a lifetime, and thirty, yes 30 putts between these medios, Chris Jacobson walked off the practice green to thunderous sighs of relief after “winning” the putt-off, leaving Ryan Williams to collect his Red Key and head off into the sunset, towards the forward tees at Navy Golf Course for the upcoming F.U. Open. We hope to see you all out there!

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Love it !!! Hope to see you guys soon!