Chapter News

Bernard Settle picks up 5th career title in Balt!

Settle once again asserts his dominance by edging out Noah Kiehle and Bill Wyatt lll ( all 86) in a sudden death putt off. Eric Bomgardner and Charles Wentz were also in the hunt (87).  After receiving the red key at the FU Open, former San Diego chapter member Clifford Jordan finishes with an 88.

Event Results

1.Bernard Settle86$1.26
2.Bill Wyatt III86$0.77
2.Noah Kiehle86$0.77
4.Eric Bomgardner87$0.60
4.Charles Wentz87$0.60
6.Derek Patro89$0.49
7.Joe Busch90$0.35
7.Jeff Simmons90$0.35
7.Clifford Jordan90$0.35
10.Mat Coughlin91$0.21
11.Matt Cougle92$0.09
11.Ryan Reese92$0.09
11.Mike Clare92$0.09
14.Dan Jones95$0.05
15.George Cunningham97$0.03
15.James Wyatt97$0.03
17.Mark Mickley100$0.00
17.Matt Reaves100$0.00
17.Timothy shannon100$0.00
20.Craig Lippens104$0.00
21.Garland Griswold117$0.00