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Bobby LePorter and simple math


Hiddenbrooke is hidden deep in a part of Vallejo I have never been and where a small group of Mediocre golfers went in search of the truth. The truth? Mediocrity runs rampant in our group. It was annouced that Bob LeClair and Bobby Porter tied with 86 apiece. Then I added up all the scores again the next day and Bobby Porter's score was actually an 84. We went through a putt off at our favorite bar, Sunshine Saloon, and Bob LeCLair won the puttoff and the trophy. Now I have an awkward conversation with Mr Now Second Place.

Besides the hiccup, the tournament was a hit. Bob LeClair, showed that even though he didn't really win, he is really back putting up that 86. Trailling Bob LeClair was Billy Ortiz and Michael Drews both having good rounds with 87s. Jacob Dinkelspiel is owning the long drive contests and smashed a drive on the 18th to grap his usual glory. Larry Morgan believes in getting it close to the pin and did on 15. Larry threw a dart within 24'' and took home the closest to the pin award. Pulling up the rear is Mikey Schiano with a robust smile and bigger 130. 

Bobby Porter is the man of the day. Standing tall and proud when the trophy and check with permanent scratched and scribbled everywhere like my scorecard. Bobby went 42, 42 and won by 2 strokes and going away. Mr Porter bridied 16, while LeClair bogeyed. Giving the 2 strokes with which Bobby P won  by as they both matched the their last 2 holes. Congrats to the future trophy holder of the FU Open! I accept the FU from you Mr Porter. I hope you weren't the one that added up the scorecard.

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I was not the one that added!!! I can not count that high!

if there was a shit the bed award i would have won it hands down. some evil bastard took over my golf swing and proceeded to loose 6 or 7 balls, driver was left then right, putting was left then right then short then long, witnessed by the group when the evil bastard missed the putt after sticking it closest to the pin, 24" which is 5 times longer than , well leave it at that. glad to have helped RB set up the transportation. cool that no one got a DUI especially since the coolers full of beer and truly were empty before we even got to the course. heading to the nearest witch doctor to perform some exorcism and get back the Morgan of old or should i keep sandbagging so my penalty strikes go down for MGA World Cup 2021. TBD. Peace n Luv