Chapter News

Bowers takes Corona V Open

The Knoxville MGA kicked off their 2020 season with a preseason tournament at the Wee Course (par 3 course) on March 15th. Being that it was around St. Paddy’s Day, our Erin Go Baugh was really for its second year in the making…….until the Corona Virus came in and said “Hold my Beer” cancelling St. Paddy’s Day! Born was the Corona V Open 2020!

20 brave souls came out in their best outfits, from blast-shield helmets, hazmat suits, masks, to just drinking coronas on the course!

As for the golf…. After five years of having this chapter….nothing has changed…..same shit show, different year! Hole #1 Bryan found himself in the high stuff down the hill on the cart path, after 4 swings at it he finally got himself onto the green to cap off a nice snowman to begin his 2020 season……Welcome to the show! Hole #4 Sean off the tee box hit one off the toe of the club and hit it 45 degrees at the trees, drilling a tree sending his ball straight into the middle of the fairway, with a nice up and down (I guess) to finish with a bogey. On the same hole, it didn’t go so well for Korey as he hit is shot about 15 yards short of the green and took him 3 shots to finally get on the green to then two putt for a solid 6! Hole #6 was a tough hole for a lot of groups (unless you were in the Bowers group) This hole you had to hit over two ponds and if you went long you were in the sticks! Charles did the best he could as he used up all his strokes on this hole by shooting the first 10 of the year! I am sure this won’t be the first or last that anyone sees! Fays group didn’t have one person make it over let alone not lose a ball on this hole! The best score on that hole out of the group was a 6!

Hole #7 best hole of the day…….a nice 75 yard hole! Sean teed up with his putter and put it on the green to then two putt for a par. Bryan didn’t have the same luck, but did save himself a stroke as he looked like sasquatch chipping one out of the woods and saving double bogey!

Hole #10 Fred hit a nice shot on the closest to the pin hole…..he was only about 30 feet from the hole……..and nobody got any closer than that! Tom Case managed to put a 10 on the board, still don’t even know if he finished the hole!

The longest putt hole was on #18…..Bill Hickman took those honors as he nailed a nice 4 foot putt to seal the deal on the day!

Had a tie for 3rd place between Danny Tabor and John Henley both shooting 72

2nd place Scott Norman and Eric New both shot 71

And the Champ of the 1st ever Corona V Open was Jason Bowers shooting a beautiful 69!

A great time was had by all and we are really looking forward to the start of the season March 29th at Dead Horse Golf Course!