Chapter News

Bowers takes the Gasp!

The Knoxville MGA held their last regular season tournament at the Severville Golf Course (River Course). This tournament had a lot on the line not only for players to win the Last Gasp, also the Chapter Money Trophy and for those heading to Worlds whether or not they would be playing in the MGAWC or the Born Hairy! The Last Gasp had 21 golfers make it out to see if they could end the season on a high note and win one of the coolest trophies out there! The chapter money trophy had  8 players that were in the running!

Fred and Korey were on the fence on whether or not they would make it to the MGAWC or the Born Hairy, both had to come out and play well on one of the tougher courses in TN. Fred gained 6 spots on the money list putting himself in the top 10 of our chapter, basically putting a lock on it with a 2nd place finish in the tournament. Korey struggled at times, but did move up 4 places and with 10th place finish in the tournament just fell short of the cut line. He will represent the Knox MGA in the Born Hairy and hopefully finish in the top 16 to guarantee himself a spot next year!

The money trophy had some drama as John Henley, Andrew Millett finished the year out strong with a 3rd place finish for both beating out Garry Weaver, Spencer Orick and Sean Fay by 1 stroke.  With that 5th place finish meant Sean held the rest of the field off by very little to earn himself another chapter money title.


Bobby Shubert earned himself another long drive title as the card looked, he was the only one to keep it on the fairway on that hole.

Longest Putt went to Mark Kotrys as he made a long one……4 feet! He did also win the most mediocre award, along with Bobby Shubert. Had a tie for the meltdown

award as Allen Aldridge and Kory Whitlock put in great performances on the back nine!

Justin Paul ended the year on a high note, as he had an eagle on the day earning himself the jackpot money for the tournament!

The closest to the pin was Jason Bowers as he placed one real tight to the hole on number 17, but did miss his birdie putt…..He did however outlast the entire 21 players earning himself his first ever Last Gasp trophy by shooting an 83 on the day!

This by far was one of the best seasons that we have had! I hope everyone enjoyed it and I look forward to next season and seeing all of you out there! Remember to get the word out! We will be meeting at the beginning of next year to pick our courses and make our schedule. Stay in touch and look for the posts on Instagram and facebook!

A special Thank You to Lacey Tabor of the Lacey Renee Photography for coming out during our tournaments and taking great shots of us…..even though we weren’t having great shots! You always make us look better than we really are! Thank you!

Those going to MGAWC and Born Hairy……we wish you the best of luck! Bring home the Chapter cup and the Belt!

Event Results

1.Jason Bowers88$1.12
2.Fred Tipton89$0.74
3.John Henley92$0.59
3.Andrew Millett92$0.59
5.Spencer Orick93$0.43
5.Sean Fay93$0.43
5.Garry Weaver 93$0.43
8.Mark Kotrys94$0.28
8.Bobby Shubert94$0.28
10.Korey Whitlock95$0.16
10.Eric New95$0.16
12.Scott McCarty96$0.05
12.Austin Putt96$0.05
12.Allen Aldridge 96$0.05
15.Justin Paul100$0.02
15.Scott Norman100$0.02
17.Mike Spooner102$0.00
17.Brandon Wise102$0.00
19.Brock Graham103$0.00
20.Adam Martinez 104$0.00
21.Dave Keener108$0.00
22.Medardo Ambriz116$0.00