Chapter News

Brad Roberts dominates the field at the FORE!

Back in May, while the Chapter leaders Geoff & Todd were nowhere to be found, 23 medios showed up anyways to play one of DFW's best public courses, Tierra Verde.  Brad Roberts might even call this his home course, as he went out in grissled fashion, and meh'd his way to victory winniing by three strokes over the next closest competitors.  

Event Results

1.Brad Roberts84$1.71
2.Dale Williford87$1.05
2.Brian Berry87$1.05
4.Joseph Sisco89$0.86
5.Jonathan Dennehy92$0.71
5.William Davis92$0.71
7.Mike Windham93$0.57
8.Matt Landrum96$0.48
9.Adam T.98$0.33
9.Dan Cantrell98$0.33
11.Allen Blake99$0.19
12.Tony Snow100$0.10
13.Daniel Gray104$0.09
14.Robert Martinez105$0.07
15.Robbie Rogers108$0.04
15.Chris Phillips108$0.04
17.George Conkle110$0.00
18.Jacob McGregor 111$0.00
19.Michael Rountree113$0.00
20.Ryan Riviello115$0.00
21.Andy Borman117$0.00
22.David Badger118$0.00
23.Allen Luna130$0.00