Chapter News

Brandon Wise goes Back to Back years and loses his head over it!

August 12th at Egwani Farms had the boys from the Knoxville MGA for the 3rd Annual The MGA! The early start didn’t go over so well with a lot as we had a few show up late as there were car problems, speed traps on the highway and who knows what else! As for the day of golf, quoted from the player that was hitting from the back tees……Fuck it! IT’S A HORROR SHOW! (thanks Bowers!) Oh where do we start? Well Bill Glenn wasn’t bothered by much during the day as he hole 4 meagles on the day to run himself right out of contention for anything with a 79 on the day!! Who brought this guy?? LOL!! After going over the scorecards….Fred and Troy like to square off their pars! I thought we only circled shit and made fun of snowmen and higher? Speaking of snowmen…..Bowers on Hole 5 had a great drive (in Bowers world it was a great drive) then skulled into the bunker, hacked it out, chip and 3 putt……Hole 7 drains 2 in the water….. Hole 9 shitty drive (every drive of his is) into tall rough short of the red tees (BITCH) 3 shots to get out…..then Hole 18 he didn’t explain……but all these holes he shot 8’s on! Awesome Job! Hole 17 Austin, Patrick S. and John had a lot of fun, as Austin pared the hole and it could only get worse, and it did! As John hit he finally holed it out for a nice 7, not to be out done by Patrick who beat him with an 8! As we got to the end of the day, Adam was feeling alittle hot… on hole 16 he hit his ball near the water, just close enough to still have a shot, or so he thought!!! The ground gave way and Adam fell right into the pond!! That is one way of cooling yourself off at the end of the round, myself I usually have a couple of beers at the 19th hole…..but whatever flips your skirt, Adam!! So after it was all said and done, the winner of the tournament, who if he just didn’t take his wedge out of the bag, probably would’ve shot a lot better or DQ’d has now won this tournament back to back years…….Brandon Wise is our Champ once again! Good luck to your shooting from the back tees at Danridge GC for the Douchebag Invitational! 

Event Results

1.Brandon Wise87$1.35
2.Jason Pruitt89$0.90
3.Jay Kehn90$0.75
4.Fred Tipton92$0.68
5.Troy Price93$0.60
6.Sean Fay94$0.49
6.Austin Putt94$0.49
8.Rick Thompson98$0.38
9.Scott McCarty99$0.30
10.Spencer Orick102$0.23
11.Andrew Millett103$0.15
12.Robert Jenkins105$0.08
13.John Henley107$0.07
14.Adam Martinez 110$0.05
15.Patrick Stambaugh111$0.04
16.Jason Bowers112$0.02
17.Larry Echols119$0.00
19.Bill GlennDQ$0.00
19.Joe SantagadoDNF$0.00