Chapter News


The second round of the MGAWC 2021 is happening.  I'm sitting it home, wondering how it happened.  A Brandt-Brandt-Brandt finish.

Jerry Brandt wins the 2021 Douche Bag Invitational.  Jon Brandt takes last.

Jon Brandt wins the 2021 Last Gasp from the red tees.

Jerry Brandt wins Chapter Money Leader.

Jerry finishes the season as a 12-time NOCO tournament winner.  Jon finished the season as a 9-time NOCO tournament winner.  Jerry annouced his retirement from the MGA after the Last Gasp saying we were all terrible golfers.  I'm hoping he will change is mind.

I'm a lazy bum and don't feel like writing any more about this season.  See you all next year!  Stay Safe.

A shout-out to the Brandts-

Event Results

1.Jerry Brandt91$1.01
2.Jonathan Furst94$0.62
2.Ariel Figuracion94$0.62
4.Blake Wallin95$0.45
4.Brian Church95$0.45
4.Malachi O'Neil95$0.45
7.Adam Diel96$0.34
8.Francisco Lapostol98$0.25
8.Rob Taylor98$0.25
10.Christian Kirk99$0.17
11.Eric Thomas100$0.08
11.Jon Brandt100$0.08