Chapter News


The Bratish 2020 didn't disappoint. High humidty and one of the tougher courses in the area couldn't stop these medios. Coleman took another victory in spite of a 9 on hole 18. It was certainly a treat for the crowd. 

We welcomed a few new faces to the group today, welcome Danuel and Raies, great to have you on board.

Coleman took home the juggs along with the big check and the low gross award. It was a tight race as Skyler was close behind in 2nd. New guy, Danuel, took 3rd place and had a fantastic round. James & Tom tied for 4th followed by Josh and Jeremiah, who by the way had an astounding shot within a few feet to clench the CTP. David d"Angelo took home the meltdown and clocked in at 8th, tied with Jeff who had most mediocre. Shawn, Raies, & Kelly came in 10th, 11th, & 12th followed by D Rod and Mark in 13th and 14th. Noah came in 15th and outta no where Stadler smoked a drive down the pipe to take the long drive trophy, the red key, and 16th place.

Event Results

1.Scott Coleman92$1.26
2.Skyler Browning94$0.84
3.Danuel Morrison96$0.70
4.James Davidson97$0.60
4.Thomas Kondret97$0.60
6.Joshua Davidson102$0.49
7.Jeremiah Davidson103$0.42
8.David d'Angelo104$0.32
8.Jeff Simer104$0.32
10.shawn harvey109$0.21
11.Raies Uddin112$0.14
12.Kelly Johnson113$0.07
13.David Rodriguez116$0.06
14.Mark Lancaster117$0.05
15.Noah Johnson122$0.04
16.Michael Stadler138$0.02