Chapter News

The Bratish Be Done!

Hooray! We finally got to play our Bratish Open this past Saturday, Aug. 4. We were rained out in July, but Mother Nature was truly kind to us today! Sure, it was hot and humid, but what do you expect here in Florida!


Today was our tribute to Old Tom Morris so knickers, argyle socks, vests and caps were the order of the day. Many showed up, resplendent in their “Old Time” golf wear, embracing the true way things were back then. Next year, there’s a one stroke penalty for those who do not wear knickers. So, you have plenty of time to get yours.

Congratulations to our Champion and Claret Juggs winner, John Swiger, who posted a 96. Okay, so he played from the forward tee box, but a win is a win!

At the other end of the scoreboard, our Red Key winner, was first time player, Alastair Main. Alastair showed a ton of grit and determination, by showing up all in white. After a weeks’ worth of rain, mud was flying everywhere, but he finished with a booming 128! You’ll have a better day from the forward tees at the next event.

Taking home a money clip each, Jack Cashon (Closest To Pin) and Steve Persang (Long Drive) made a couple of beautiful shots to win their respective prizes.

Walking away with his first “Golden M”, Joe Bongo showed us what it takes to be truly mediocre. Joe was wilting way in his knickers, but still managed to place right in the middle of the pack.

We must be improving as a group, because our biggest Meltdown was only +4! Rip Potter stayed close to his front 9, but still earned the much coveted “tension” ball. I think this is a first for Rip.

Last year’s Champ, Larry Hurst, couldn’t bring in the repeat win, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Wayne Persang, using his Red Key from last month, Wayne just couldn’t pull off a win. Barry Rose, helped fill out the middle of the pack, but he looked good in his red knickers! In atypical fashion, Joe Barci and Larry Campoli brought up the bottom of the entry list.

Playing from practically a different zip code, Mike Robin, had to play from two tees back having won the last two events. Mike is embroiled in a heated race to be the Global Money Winner. $.45 is all that separates Mike from the top spot, BUT the leader has one more event than Mike, so this is going to be an interesting finish!

So, the Bratish is gone and now we’re looking forward to our MGA Tournament on Aug. 18. It’s at one of our favorite courses – Silver Dollar, which means there should be some pretty good scores.