Chapter News

At the Bratish Open, Redemption is spelled T - I - M !!!

IEMGA OG Tim "19" Minamyer Wins His 1st Big Check with a solid 84 that caught everyone off guard, especially himself !!! After falling short in the Bratish Open playoff last year, Bratty Timmy honored his British Heritage and finally grabbed ahold of the jugs (and apparently licked the spot where her decapitated head used to be)


2017 Bratish Open Champion "Screw You" Kyle puts in a strong effort to be the 1st to defend a title 82 (+4) but has to settle for a tie for 2nd. 


And Brian Carson, wore the same Bratish Outfit as last year, won a 6pack of Newcastle for Best Dressed, since No One Else even made a Mediocre effort at it... he also shot the same exact score as last year that put him in the Three-way playoff, but finished tied for 15th, as 19 of 27 Medios Break 100 (net)



FONTANA, CA- This Year for the Bratish we broke the Links Tradition and headed to the pristine grounds of Sierra Lakes. But it was in the North, had large undulated fairways and greens, and a decent bit of sand, so with only one true links course in the area, we figured it had enough characteristics to mediocrely qualify. Anyways, Conditions really were a step above what we typically play and that's even with the course allegedy not being in tip top shape. But we got an early 7am start on a heck of a deal that included some Hot Dogs that would put Ron Jeremy to shame, and some pro shop bucks that many Medios used to buy some shade on a typically hot summer day in the IE.  

Jeff "Wild Turkey" Olson played a rare tournament round with his brother and got off to a hot start in their friendly head to head rivalry. After only 3 holes he led by a staggering 12 strokes after his older brother carded his single worst tournament hole (13) on the Par 5 3rd.  CL Jstar was nursing a bum wrist, but even with the magical trifecta of a wrist brace, pain pills and booze, he was unable to finish in the Money for the 1st time in IEMGA History. But he was able to come back to beat Wild Turkey by one stroke, after Wild Turkey's somewhat unsuprising MELTDOWN on 18. Well on his way to a solid low 90's round, he found the greenside bunker in regualtion and proceeded to take 5 shots to get out and added a few more putts, to lose his head to head by 1 and Win Yet Another Meltdown Award.   

Josh Schuler made an immediate impact in his 1st IEMGA tourney and won some prizes for Kinda Long Putt and Most Mediocre amount of Putts (STAT of the Tournament). In retrospect, he should have also won MOST MEDIOCRE with his 95, but in a brief hurried glance Jstar awarded it to the more typical Mediocre score of 100 from Eric "Bear" Matteson, who also made his 1st tourney of the year. Sorry bout that Schuler... I'm sure you'll have plenty more chances to be Most Mediocre!  

Tim grabbed his first Kinda Close to go with his 1st win, and Ryan Konkler claimed his 1st Kinda Long Drive not long before he makes the Kinda Long Drive to Relocate to the Houston Area... You Heard it here... We might get another MGA Chapter in TEXAS !!! His 97 on the day fell just outside the money line but he has been a good Medio to know and we wish him the best! 

Event Results

1.Tim Minamyer84$1.26
2.Kyle Rossi86$0.77
2.Dave Young86$0.77
4.Tanner Henry87$0.60
4.Tommy Cochran87$0.60
6.Howard Henry IV88$0.46
6.Devin Hundley88$0.46
8.Lyman King90$0.35
9.Christopher Garcia91$0.28
10.Ryan Davis92$0.18
10.Markus Doll92$0.18
12.Neil Ashworth93$0.07
12.Jeff Muesse93$0.07
14.Josh Schuler95$0.05
15.Brian Carson96$0.03
15.Gilbert Tiedt96$0.03
17.Ryan Konkler97$0.00
17.Jason Moyer97$0.00
17.Anthony Gallardo97$0.00
20.Eric Matteson100$0.00
21.Nate Cabeza 101$0.00
22.J "far from a star" Olson102$0.00
23.Jeff Olson103$0.00
23.Colin Lawrence103$0.00
25.Steve Woodland112$0.00
26.Richard Dunham117$0.00
27.Brian Whitworth127$0.00
28.Alex LarsonDNF$0.00