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Bratish Open Results Are In

Well the final Bratish Open results are in. And what a surprise finish it was.


Well the Bratish Open is in the books. We had an excellent turnout for the tournament which proved to be very competitive. The Riverside Golf course was in great shape and the weather cooperated. The day started off to be warm but heated up just like the competition. The Most mediocre golfer, which was not a surprise, was Rogelio Rez. The Biggest Meltdown was Cameo Williams, also not a surprise, and the closest to the pin was J.J. Brandsen. J.J. awed the field by hitting the green on a short par 3, winning the closest to the pin award. Eleazar Resendez didn't disappoint his group by capturing the highest score of the day and retaining his red key and the privilege of playing from the red tees next tournament. ( It should be noted that Eleazar was suppose to play from the red tees at Riverside and chose to play from the white tees. He however probably should have played from the red tees) Gabriel Ybarra shot the low gross and earned his small keychain trophy. The talk of the day however was the winner of the tournament Eric Yepez. Interestingly enough there was a private vote that was taken prior to the tournament and Eric was voted most likely not to even finish his round. Eric was later nicknamed " The Sleeper". Eric won the low net and the Big Check along with the silver breasted Bratish trophy. During a private off camera interview Eric stated that he will display his silver breasted trophy with pride on his mantle at his Palm Springs home, which is nestled in the hills just out side of Palm Springs. The next tournament will be at Pacific Grove. Hope to see y'all there. The AMC has spoken.

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